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How Do I Get Back The Old Yahoo Mail Webpage/Interface/Version?

Many Yahoo mail users find the latest design of Yahoo mail not to their liking. They discovered that many of the features in the old version cannot be found in the new version anymore. Likewise, there are many new features that seem not useful to many users and which they say simply add to their confusion in using the latest version. Proof of their dissatisfaction is the negative comments that can be found in the different related forums. If you are one of these unhappy Yahoo mail users, you can continue using the old version of Yahoo Mail if you have not yet converted your account. But, if you have already changed your old account to a new one, you can still get back the old version of Yahoo Mail.

Just log in to your Yahoo account and click the gear icon at the upper right corner of the page. A drop down menu will appear. Click settings and a screen will show up. In the screen, you will see “View Email”. Under it, click “Basic” then save. Your Yahoo mail will be back to the old version that you used to have. If you are not able to do this steps, Dial support number for Yahoo Australia +(61) 731718150 or contact Yahoo support Australia.

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