How to Save Important Messages in Yahoo Mail Account

There are lots of messages one receive in their inbox on daily basis, it can be personal, professional, advertisements and other mails including spam mails also. If user opens their email account after several days, user will find that their inbox gets full quickly and you can lose track of your most important messages.

Luckily, Yahoo has given two different approaches of storing and keeping track of your important emails. The first method is called “Archive”, and the second method is “Star”.

The “Archive” folder you find in your Mail main page is where, you can store any messages you want to hold onto, or want to read it on future basis, but you don’t want them to be clustering in your inbox every time. Any message that is archived will not appear in your inbox with regular mails but it will be stored in your archive folder. It will be accessible anytime you require it by clicking to “Archive” section in the side navigation bar in your email.

Storing messages which you require later can be removed from inbox and safely move into Archive folder by clicking on the box next to the message, select it and click on the “Archive” button on side navigation bar. You can also archive multiple messages simultaneously by the same procedure mentioned above. Archiving is suitable for those mails; you might need reference at some point in the future and doesn’t require urgent attention.

Second way to save important emails in Yahoo is by using star method which is suitable for messages/mails that require immediate attention. Starring saves and highlights important messages without removing them from inbox. These messages can be mark with yellow color star symbol, that help user find them more easily at a glance visually, even if you have million of emails in inbox. Star mark helps users to locate important mails quickly and easily.

Just check the box of message or messages you want to star, move the cursor over it. Then, select “Star” near to navigation bar from the dropdown menu. When you read your mails, you can easily star it simultaneously at same time.if you face any technical problem then you can contact yahoo support australia expert team with toll free yahoo support number 1-800-958-231

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