How To Secure Your Yahoo Email Account With The 2FA?

In a world where the username/password combination for authentication is just not enough, there was a dire need for the addition of a more stringent security measure in place. To that end, the 2FA (two factor authentication) process is introduced. Now used extensively in Yahoo, this extra layer of security has found its way to all the major webmail based sites beforehand. But what does this extra layer of security actually provide us with? Does it add anything more? These are the questions we are going to have to ponder upon when discussing how to implement this layer on your Yahoo account.

Yahoo Support Is Here To Present You With The Methodology To Apply This Layer Of Protection To Your Email Id

The two step verification process adds up an additional question to the already present-“Who you are” and “what do you know?” The question added here is “What do you have?” This methodology implements the method of digital signature that reduces the over reliance on the already stored credentials. We now move on to the process to enable this process:

  • Login to your Yahoo! Mail account. Once logged in, go to the top left corner and click on settings, and then from the resultant menu select “Account security”. You would be directed to your Accounts Security page.
  • Look into the listed options, you would notice a toggle slider next to the Two Step verification button. Slide it to the right to enable it.
  • You would now be presented with the option to enter your phone number. Not actually optional, you would still need to enter your mobile number for further processing.
  • Now the screen would say, “Enter your OTP”. And the same time you would receive a text message from Yahoo! Mail. Check the message.
  • You would see that you’ve been given a one time password to access the account.Note: this one time password form the basis of the ongoing digital signature initiation. This randomized number is what you would need to login to Yahoo! Mail account)
  • Input this Opt number and click on verify. Once verified, you would now have turned on the two factor authentication security layer to the fullest
  • For more robust protection, you can also apply for application specific passwords. These apps include iOS Mail, or Outlook mail.

The OTP generated in the 2FA is indeed a randomized number. Therefore, if you happen to lose your mobile, you would have to login through another recognized device.

For more information, you can contact Yahoo Support Australia at the toll free number +61 283173538 here, in addition to provide you with further information, you would also get the necessary troubleshoots and support for the email application.